CH2 - PG44

July 16th, 2017, 1:00 am
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From the Author
ambat July 16th, 2017, 1:00 am
We are now exiting the Green Zone.

I'm excited for the upcoming scene--the final scene of this chapter!
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Anya Otherkin July 16th, 2017, 1:40 am
I love this comic! I wish it was completed so I could read all of it in one go ;-; it's honestly amazing, good job ^u^
ambat July 16th, 2017, 2:11 am
@Anya Otherkin: Aw, thanks so much! I wish it was all completed too, I have so much fun stuff to share with you all v_v I hope you'll stick around to see it!
Dasubur July 16th, 2017, 6:32 am
here's hoping that hillbilly vamp is still breathing by next chapter
ambat July 16th, 2017, 12:45 pm
@Dasubur: Maybe if he's lucky!
Dasubur July 16th, 2017, 3:27 pm
@ambat: really hoping he does he is a pretty fun character
Pure umbreon July 16th, 2017, 2:11 pm
Lol, her face when he says "boo!" Mew mew!
Triforce Fandom (Guest) July 16th, 2017, 9:35 pm
Boom head shot
sarokophoenix July 17th, 2017, 2:07 pm
Guess this means a game of tic-tac-toe is out of the question.
Shaede The Black Eevee July 17th, 2017, 6:07 pm
Lookit that cocky hairflip walk
colonelsnivy July 18th, 2017, 9:40 am
SmallestFerrisWheelGuest (Guest) July 21st, 2017, 8:22 am
And there goes that stake. Up, up into the air. But the question is...where's it gonna land?